Prime Day Essentials for Maximum FPF Enjoyment


Amazon Prime Days start today, so be sure to check out all the Prime member-exclusive launches, as well as the “epic deals” Amazon has promised us. Here at FPF, we’ve put together a shopping list of festival essentials (and some fun extras) available on Amazon Prime. While you are shopping, be certain to use our Amazon Smile shopping link to donate a portion of your purchase prices to the One Family Productions Education Fund. 

Now let’s go shopping!

Campsite gear:

LAMURO Campsite Storage Strap

LAMURO Campsite Storage Strap

  • This handy hanging strap will help you keep your camping supplies organized and off the ground! With eight carabiner hooks and easy to use tree straps, it’s a must-have for woodsy camping at Spirithaven.

  • Light and moving air - both necessities at FPF, so check out this nifty ceiling fan and overhead light in one. It’s a bestseller, and the fan has multiple speeds, plus the lights are LED, meaning it’s energy efficient. 

  • Make those midnight snack raids a little easier at your campsite with this cooler light! It fits most cooler lids, and has an auto-shut off to save the battery life. It’s also great for storage boxes. 

  • Quality stakes can save the life of your tent or pop up, so replace the lightweight stakes that came with your gear with these heavy duty, galvanized stakes. The sharp metal tips and easy-pull tops make them a great choice for the rocky soil found at the foot of the mountains. 

Little Luxuries: 

Freegrace Waterproof Dry Bags Set of 3

Freegrace Waterproof Dry Bags Set of 3

  • Headlamps are pretty handy after dark at Front Porch Fest, and this waterproof one is super powerful, exceptionally well-made, and has night vision options. 

  • Harness the power of that late summer sun to charge your devices while you enjoy your favorite bands. This portable solar charger is rainproof, can charge wirelessly, and has a built in LED flashlight. 

  • Camp chairs are a great way to enjoy all the music at Front Porch Fest, but can often be cumbersome to carry from stage to stage. We found this great, lightweight version of the classic camp chair, complete with its own clipping storage bag. At less than 2.5 pounds, this is the perfect solution to free your hands and lighten your load as you enjoy your day!

  • A dry bag is a great place to store your weather-sensitive items when a summer storm rolls in. This one is highly rated, available in multiple colors, and comes with a waterproof phone bag for extra protection. 

Fun Stuff: 

EverBrite LED Glow Sticks Flashlights

EverBrite LED Glow Sticks Flashlights

  • Camping is a big part of the festival experience, but having fun is just as important, and these LED glow sticks are a great, low waste solution to avoiding glow bracelets that only last one night. Other great after-dark finds: a light up flying disc and LED poi balls.

  • Let your imagination run wild with this Neon EL Wire bundle. The wires can be arranged in any pattern and attached to a variety of surfaces, so it’s a fun way to dress up your campsite and add a bit of lighting for safety.  

  • Bring along some easy outdoor games to ramp up the fun in your campsite. We recommend some of these favorites: Kan Jam, Bottle Bash, and rubber horseshoes.

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