Family Friendly Festival Roundup


This year, Blue Ridge Outdoors named Front Porch Fest as its top pick for Family-friendly festival in the Best of the Blue Ridge awards, and we couldn’t be more honored! Family has long been the core value of Front Porch Fest - just take a look at the name of our parent organization, One Family Productions. Cultivating a family friendly environment is of utmost importance, even from the very first Front Porch Fest events, which featured giant chalkboards and sturdy seesaws in the Children’s Area. As the festival has grown, the children’s activities have as well, and we are pleased to announce that the 2019 FPF Children’s Area will be open for three full days of fun! Our Children’s Area staff members are hard at work planning hours of engaging, creative, and educational content for young people of all ages. Children twelve and under are always free at Front Porch Fest, so we hope families will feel welcome to check out FPF on Labor Day weekend. 

Tips for maximizing your festival experience with children (1).png

To help support families who are bringing children along for the first time (or maybe not the first time!), we put together this family guide to Front Porch Fest. The parents on our staff shared some of their favorite tricks for keeping kids safe and happy, and we also rounded up some of the best tips out there for making your family festival excursion an excellent experience.

Front Porch Fest