Why Volunteer at Front Porch Fest?


This week, the FPF team is gearing up to launch our annual volunteer drive, so it’s the perfect opportunity to revisit one of our popular blog posts from last year – Why Volunteer at Front Porch Fest?


Like most festivals, FPF thrives on its volunteer workforce. Of the millions of people that attend music festivals each year, many have never volunteered, so why should you? It’s simple!

As a veteran volunteer explained, “You’ve not fully experienced a festival until you’ve worked behind the scenes, witnessing all the planning, the manual labor, and the tedious detail that are involved in getting this amazing weekend off the ground.”

As a volunteer, not only do you get a look behind the curtain, but you also get to be a part of the Front Porch Family. “I’ve volunteered before at FPF and enjoyed it very much – great group of people to work and spend time with.” We love our volunteers and as one volunteer mentioned, they love us too: “Loved volunteering with FPF! Excited for round 2.”

The Front Porch Fest staff is always thankful for ticket holders, who come and have a great time, dancing until the wee hours of the morning, setting up brilliant campsites, and sharing the magic of the festival scene with their children. However, we’re also especially grateful for the volunteers. They give their precious festival time to the inner workings of the fest, helping to create the magic that everyone on site enjoys.

This year, we invite YOU to join the Front Porch Fest volunteer team! In return for two 5-hour shifts, volunteers receive free weekend admission, a unique T-Shirt, an invitation to the after-party, and a peek behind the scenes at inner workings of our amazing festival!

To sign up, fill out the form on our website here.

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