Where You Lay Your Head: Camping & Lodging Options at FPF


Music festivals are, for many people, like mini-vacations; all the fun of getting away from home without travelling for hours or even days. The positive, cash-saving benefits of a small, grassroots festival like Front Porch Fest are almost endless, but a big question first time festival-goers often struggle with is, “Where will I sleep?” Unlike the beach vacation you planned, festivals don’t have a strip of hotels and houses at the doorstep, so what are the options?

camping 1.png

The first choice for most festival patrons is, of course, tent camping. Here at FPF, tent camping is included in the price of your weekend pass, and we have both field and woods camping available. All of our camping sites are close to the main festival ground, and there are no limits to how large you can make your tent estate! Our woods campsites have several foot bridges that connect to the parking area, and we often have volunteers with vehicles helping to move campers in on Friday morning and early afternoon.

For the second year, FPF is offering car camping. We are very excited to be able to expand our camping experience into this category, and have had a good response to our limited number of spaces. Car camping includes a 20’x20′ space for (1) car, (1) tent, and (1) 10×10 canopy. Cost is $40, plus the cost of your weekend general admission or VIP ticket. Again, car camping spaces are located convenient to the main festival grounds, making it easy to pop out to your campsite for a rest or refresh.

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VIP tickets at Front Porch Fest include access to our shaded, well groomed VIP camping area. These spaces, just like all of our camping, is first come, first serve, but there is plenty of space for all to enjoy. VIP camping also has a few shaded relaxation spots hidden away, and a wonderful view of the small stream that runs along the camping area and out into the parking lots.  VIP tickets include meals in our exclusive kitchen, camping, Thursday entry and VIP party access, beer tickets, and a swag bag, all for $225 per person.

In addition to tent camping, some festival patrons bring their “home on wheels,” as Front Porch Fest offers on-site unplugged RV camping. With an RV pass, you have space for your camper, one vehicle, and usually a pop up or two. RV passes are limited, but are a very affordable $80 with the purchase of your General Admission or VIP weekend pass.                                       

But what if “roughing it” is not your style? You like a shower every morning; you prefer lounging in the AC to falling asleep to the sound of the crickets? If that sounds like you, Patrick County has several lodging options that are guaranteed to keep you dry and comfortable, but also an easy drive from the festival site.

Uptown Suites in Stuart has been a sponsor of Front Porch Fest for several years, and offers beautiful suites at affordable prices, walking distance from restaurants and shopping, and only about ten minutes away from Spirithaven Farm, the home of FPF.


Front Porch Fest also works with Primland Resorts, which is a bit further away from our site but offers amazing lodging options and also spa, golf, and other amenities, giving you the option to turn your festival weekend into a full-week getaway, experiencing all the best that Patrick County has to offer.

Wherever you choose to lay your head, you are sure to have a fabulous festival weekend. Join us this Labor Day weekend for a mini-vacation that will cap off your summer in style!

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