Pack Your Bags...


Where do we start? What do we bring? What do we leave?

We’ve compiled a list of ‘ne-fest-ities’ (festival necessities, see what we did?) to help your packing process.

Camping gear – Be sure to check off our comprehensive list of camping supplies. which includes:

  • Tent

  • Sleeping bag or hammock (or both!)

  • Hammer for tent stakes

  • Reusable plates and utensils, trash bags

  • Camping stove - propane only (NO charcoal!)

  • Flashlight / Headlamp

Reusable water bottle – FPF is committed to being a low waste venue, and our newly updated Hydration Station (THANK YOU, Mechanical Designs of Virginia, Inc.) is conveniently located near the food vendors and Merch Shack. Be sure to bring a reusable bottle or two (but no glass please!). Many campers bring large camping bladders to fill each day for water at the campsite.

Bug spray – most of the camping areas are wooded, and Spirithaven Farm has an immense amount of water, which means an immense amount of insects! Keep yourself protected with a quality insect repellent.

Sunscreen – you will be soaking up a lot of rays walking around the festival grounds. Keep your skin its best by applying a safe sunscreen a few times a day!

Rain gear – Some people bring a stuffable poncho, some grab their favorite rain slicker, and some kill two birds with one stone and bring a folding umbrella – rain protection AND a sun shade! No matter what you choose, be sure to pack rain gear, just in case!

Rain and cool weather gear is always in style! Front Porch Fest 9/17- Photo by Roger Gupta


Layers – the weather at the foot of the mountains can fluctuate wildly, so be prepared for heat AND cold. Pack a few pair of wool socks and a light sweater.

Comfortable shoes – the terrain at Spirithaven is rough, with gravel, dirt roads, and the occasional spiky plant on the path. Keep your feet cool and protected with a pair of comfortable sandals, and bring an extra pair of shoes in case of rain.

Washcloth & eco-friendly soap – there are not public shower facilities on site, so be sure to prepare for a few “festival baths.” We love a spray or squirt bottle of water, a fluffy washcloth, and a bar of biodegradable soap.

Electronics – the service on site is very spotty, so your phone may only serve as your camera for the weekend, but there are a few places to get a text message out, and don’t forget to bring a solar charger for your devices!

Reusable bottles for the whole family are a necessity at Front Porch Fest!

For the kids – bubbles, glow sticks, extra clothes, sun hat, water bottles, plenty of healthy snacks

Cash – Cellular service is poor at the farm, which means most vendors prefer cash to credit. There is no ATM on site. Be smart: keep your cash secure in your campsite/car, and only carry small amounts on your person.

A good attitude and an open mind – FPF is a great place to meet like-minded people, reconnect with old friends, and take in the amazing energy from music, laughter, and nature. Bring your smiles and your hugs, and don’t forget to pack your best dance moves!

What to leave at home – large amounts of cash and other valuables, pets, weapons, open flames, charcoal grills, white pants (it can get pretty muddy out here!), and negative vibes.

Front Porch Fest