Slick Jr. and The Reactors

Slick JR. & The Reactors are a new band with a long history. Four of them are former members of the roots jam band Joe Washrag and have been playing together for 20 years. After Joe Washrag disbanded, Eric Riddle, Kevin Plaster, Tom Turner and Leland George Jr. kept making music with the addition of Will Tillery (Hotel DeVille) and Chris Owens (Celthix, Only on Sunday and Ombrew) as The Stone Saints. Taking a slight detour from that project Slick JR. & The Reactors decided not to pigeon-hole themselves into a certain genre, but also freely explore the world of electric blues. The members all bring different influences that come together to form an originality that shows in their songwriting and cover arrangements as well as free-form jams, which they all love to get involved with. Please help us welcome these musical all-stars back to the porch!!!