Must See Views at FPF

One of my favorite things about Front Porch Fest is the location. Nestled at the foot of the Blue Ridge, not far outside the town of Stuart, but far enough to seem remote, Spirithaven Farm has a powerful energy and no shortage of beautiful sights. As you enjoy the music and the other events, make some time to seek out these MUST SEE VIEWS at Front Porch Fest.

The glider deck – located behind the food vendor set ups, the glider deck was erected to overlook the Dragon Pond. Take some time to try out the vintage rockers and gliders, and see if you can locate the friendly dragon while you search the waters for fish and frogs. For a real treat, upgrade to VIP to get access to the breathtaking garden behind the Dragon Pond, complete with swings and twinkling lights in the trees. It’s so tranquil you’ll almost forget you haven’t had a shower in two days!

The Pavilion Hill – when you leave your campsite, climb the hill behind Spirithaven stage and stand near the tree line. From here, you can take in a view of the whole festival, as well as the natural beauty of the property.

Magical Bridges– The wide bridge between the parking area and main festival ground spans over a lovely little creek where you can often see wildlife, and will definitely see flowers. There is also a lovely footbridge connecting the parking area to the wooded camping areas. If you have VIP access, you’ll also have the opportunity to cross a sweet covered bridge, but be sure to watch for trolls!

Pavilion Gardens – the property owners do an amazing job keeping the area around the Pavilion alive with native flowers, so be sure to walk around and take note of all the work they’ve put into the gardens. There’s some repurposed tire steps, vegetables and flowering herbs, and sometimes you’ll be lucky enough to see a beneficial reptile or two.

Children’s Area – stand outside the Pavilion and look up toward the children’s area. The hill is alive with flowers, and you can watch some of Front Porch Fest’s youngest get into art and nature. Just the sight of that playground causes all levels of joy.

Porch Stage Sound Mound –there’s a cool little view standing just behind the sound mound and looking toward the glider deck at night. The way the lights are run on the fence, the Peace Garden, and the lights from VIP – the perspective is unique and makes it look like it’s all terraced.

Join us Labor Day weekend for Front Porch Fest 9, take in all Spirithaven has to offer, and share your favorite view with us!

– Kristin Hylton

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