Benefits of an Unplugged Festival

When you reach the top of the Spirithaven driveway, and perhaps even sooner for some carriers, your cell service will drop. Though you may find a few pockets on site that give you a bar or two, for the most part you’ll be out of touch with everyone, which isn’t a bad thing. Over the years, we have come to discover that there are many advantages to being truly “unplugged” at the festival, and we’ve rounded up our top benefits to share with our followers.

  • No one from work is calling you. Well, maybe they are calling, but you aren’t answering. Don’t worry, you can return those calls on Monday. Or Tuesday. Enjoy yourself, and relax in your freedom from that tether.
  • You’ve been given the gift of being truly present. So much of the time we are looking at social media memories, or glancing at our calendar to see what’s happening next week. When you lose that ability, you gain the ability to enjoy what’s right in front of you, right at this moment. It’s freeing and exhilarating.
  • Guess what’s right in front of you? The natural beauty of Spirithaven Farm. When you are in the moment, you’ll probably notice that butterfly fluttering nearby, that bud about to burst into flower, and might even see a toad cross your path.
  • You can enjoy some true solitude. Find a quiet spot, bring along a notebook and a pen, and see what happens. Many of us haven’t written or sketched in a long time, and being untethered to social media can spark creativity in an environment free from judgment. Explore that.
  • You get to become part of the creative team. When you are not truly present in a moment, or an event, you are in “consumption mode.” At Front Porch Fest, we want our festival goers to facilitate in the creation of the event. Staying unplugged and disconnected can help craft the experience for everyone.
  • You can make real connections and true contact. With the distraction of technology gone, you are free to truly connect with other festival attendants. You might find common interests while exploring the site, you might just bump elbows and share a smile while dancing, you might find a moment of connection in conversation while waiting for your favorite band to get started.

At Front Porch Fest, we believe the small moments of connection and being fully present are gifts – one we’re always excited to share with all of you each year. So set your out of office and get ready to unplug this Labor Day Weekend at FPF9!

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