Dar Stellabotta

Singer/songWriter Dar Stellabotta, is an Independent female LBGT artist, hailing from Southern Maryland. Dar is multi-talented and posseses an original sound and style. She writes all of her own songs inspired by true life events. Nowadays, you can find Dar performing at music festivals around the U.S., and open mics in D.C. and Baltimore. She does mostly acoustic Folk, either with her guitar, banjo or Cigar box guitar. A lot of her music is available for download, either on iTunes or CDBaby. Dar has 3 albums of all original music and is planning to release a new 3 song EP this year. She has a music blog, under the name Sister Dorothy, where she writes reviews for music that fellow artists send her. Dar has made several music videos, two of which have been selected two years in a row, to be shown at the Southern Maryland Film Festival. She also does all of the video in her music videos and Owns/Operates her own photography/videography company called Fossil Bay Films. You can follow Dar Stellabotta by clicking any of the social links listed below.