Tyler Nail

Born and raised in North Carolina Tyler Nail has been making music since the age of 16.  Since then he has been traveling around the state playing music and recording solo albums.  The work accomplished over this past year has taken Tyler’s music to a significantly new place. Having just released his fifth album, Winter to Winter in which for the first time Tyler recorded a studio album with a instrumental accompaniment, and it is the first of his albums to be professionally printed and packaged. But most of all, the overall process of making this album is what really sets it apart from his old albums. “I’m used to getting in a studio, and singing some songs and playing by myself, as fast and simple as possible. This album called for a little more time, and a lot more creativity. And in the end, I think it made for something to be proud of.” Tyler credits a wide range of influences from Ray Lamontagne to The Avett Brothers and is currently in the process of working on a tribute album featuring many local North Carolina musicians in honor of the late great Levon Helm. Tyler Nail is a true represent of grass roots music and we are so please to have him for his second appearance at Front Porch fest.