Five years and four albums into a career that’s found them drawing circles around the lower 48, building a burgeoning national fan base, Dangermuffin embodies a curious paradox. This Folly Beach, S.C.-based trio are clearly at peace with themselves and their career, while keeping up a constant pursuit of truth. The seeds they’ve planted at major festivals around the nation grow as fast as the mileage on their odometer, yet they dream and sing of home with a yearning passion. Most strikingly, the band’s musical execution remains refreshingly simple, belying a staggering lyrical and thematic depth behind each individual song. Dangermuffin can no longer be plainly dubbed an Americana or roots-rock band. Behind the virtuosic rhythms of drummer Steven Sandifer, the group seamlessly segues from calypso to world beat to a down-home shuffle, often within the same song. When guitarist Mikie Sivilli steps in with a powerful slide-driven lead, one might even venture to call it Southern rock. But by the time songwriter Dan Lotti sings the first words of another verse with his unmistakable light rasp, the listener is undeniably back on the beach, pondering both the world’s pleasures and ills through sandy toes. The follow-up to 2010’s Moonscapes, Olly Oxen Free demonstrates heightened ambitions and a refined, road-polished outfit ready to take on even more. Olly Oxen Free never turns its back on the audience for a moment. Even the album’s peaceful acoustic interlude, ‘Jaula,’ feels like a breath of fresh ocean air; an unexpected, serene eye of a perfect summer storm. From ‘Homestead’ to ‘Rattle the Cage,’ Lotti’s songwriting encourages us to be free, revel in the simple beauty of our complicated lives, and always seek out healing answers. Like the cry bellowed during a children’s game of hide-and-seek, Olly Oxen Free signals that it’s safe to come out from our hiding spots, gather together, and celebrate late into the evening. Dangermuffin is more ready than ever to provide the soundtrack. We are so excited to have Dangermuffin under the Pavilion at the 5th Annual Front Porch Fest.




Holy Ghost Tent Revival

Holy Ghost Tent Revival, based in Greensboro, NC, has swept away audiences over the past five years and built a reputation for energetic, tightly crafted music with meaningful lyrics presented in signature memorable, passionate performances. It is this music that moved Chris Hillman from The Flying Burrito Brothers to exclaim “Man! You guys have really got something,” as he watched from offstage at the Loveless Café in Nashville. This feeling manifests itself in the band’s second full length album, Sweat Like the Old Days. Listeners will find the group maturing away from their blend of Dixieland- and ragtime inspired folk rock into a more electric, horn and rock driven sound.

Since 2009, the band has played 300 dates per year up and down the East coast and as far west as Chicago and Austin, headlining festivals like Shakori Hills, Bele Chere, and Bristol Rhythm & Roots. Withstanding the loss of their founding bassist in the fall of 2011, the band has nursed their sound after months in the studio into an even more concentrated rush of electric joy that may surprise listeners accustomed to vintage Ghost. Their third studio album, Sweat Like the Old Days, which was released in September 2012, reveals a group of songwriters producing mature, thoughtful lyrics atop lush arrangements. It is a wholly original sound, unshaken by change, which signals a bright and enduring future for years to come. We hope that you are ready for a Revival when Holy Ghost takes the stage at this years front Porch Fest.





Big Daddy Love

Big Daddy Love’s multiple performances at 2011’s Floyd Festival made it clear that this is likely the most important new band to watch in the East Coast roots rock and Americana community. Having only been together since the Summer of 2009, Big Daddy Love– founded by high school friends from the rural hill country of Sparta, NC– was just playing a handful of North Carolina markets when they made their first trip to Floyd in 2010, where they won the prestigious “Under The Radar” contest for the best new artist at the large, Virginia festival. The fresh, vital sound and energized performance of this new band simply blew people away, and with the fan-voted award under their belts, Big Daddy Love returned home and began to build their grass roots following in earnest. Essentially organic in both disposition and composition, Big Daddy Love is a five-piece band with a unique and natural blend of rock, roots and grass that they call ?Appalachian Rock?. Big Daddy Love’s high-energy performances, fueled by this combination of fiery vocals, sweet-sugary harmonies and striking instrumental dynamics that range from bombastic assaults to soothing grooves, have garnered them a strong, passionate following throughout their home region. Live, with the lights on and the volume up, Big Daddy Love stretches the music out with top notch picking and ripping, delivering a stompin? good time rich with authentic Carolina soul. At the same time, the good-natured, yet thoughtful sincerity of the lyrical content, the authentic song-craft and the undeniable musicianship of the band– as heard in live and studio recordings– has resonated with audiences throughout the ether and generated demand beyond the markets where they currently perform. We are pleased to welcome Big Daddy Love back to Front Porch Fest!!!




Pigeons Playing Ping Pong

With a high-energy mix of funk, rock, electronica and jazz, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong has an undeniably unique and versatile live sound that ascends peaks of musical ecstasy, consistently creating a great time for all. Through a continually evolving selection of original and cover songs merged together by seamless improvisational jams, they’ve built a strong loyal following, aptly called ‘The Flock,’ who they refuse to disappoint. With no end in sight, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong is here to bring the party with their danceable electro-funk grooves and infectious ability to bring positive energy to any environment. Playing over 100 shows a year, Pigeons continue to expand people’s minds (musically…), playing a unique, energy-packed set at every show. Whether it be at a major festival or in your basement, Pigeons will show you a good time. Please welcome Pigeons to the Porch and be ready to dance the Late night away!




People’s Blues of Richmond

PBR was born in a bright green room full of beer cans and cigarette butts that you could piss on from the edge of the James River. Tim Beavers and Matt Volkes, though raised in the same Richmond suburb, were infrequent acquaintances until they found one another in the same confusing struggle of city-life, college, and drugs. It took the suicide of a common best-friend to get the two into that shitty green room in the home they shared; but when they did, the feeling was instant. They were beaten, disoriented, unhappy, addicted, and dying to do something creative. They started practicing old blues songs and recycling old riffs and poems to create original material, jamming with whoever was interested. After they’d become well acquainted with the a ridiculously fast-growing Richmond fan base they began branching out. They’ve been infiltrating more local scenes around colleges like JMU, Univ. of Tennessee, WVU, Univ. of Vermont, UVA, VT, etc.; playing popular Richmond bars and venues like The Camel, The National, The Hat Factory, and The Republic; and tearing and touring up the coast from New Orleans, to Savannah, to Philly, to NY. The People’s Blues of Richmond, almost three years young, will not stop. They cannot be stopped. These guys love what they do! We are ecstatic to bring them to all of you at Front Porch Fest.




The Shack Band


Starting out as a quartet during their college years practicing their music in a shack, The Shack Band is now building a reputation for their off the cuff live shows and an original sound—an improvisational blend of funk, blues, and progressive rock. Back in 2008, when The Shack Band was still getting their feet wet, they were famous for their energetic live shows at colleges throughout Virginia and the Southeast. But with a new group of enthusiastic songwriters among them, the band has moved on to larger venues and opening for some of the nations top touring acts including moe., Perpetual Groove, The Pimps of Joytime, The Machine, Moon Taxi, The Heavy Pets, and The Georgia Satellites. The Shack Band released their first EP, Born & Raised, this past Feb. to a sold out crowd in their hometown of Richmond, VA. Please welcome The Shack Band to the Porch for the 1st time






Former Champions



Former Champions are an electro rock band based out of Richmond, Virginia. Their music showcases vocal lead compositions intermixed with an array of instrumentally driven electronic pieces. A sonic blend of synthesized keys mixed with sub-bass, distorted guitar, harmonized vocals, samples, and a multitude of drums, cymbals and percussion combine to create what the band describes as “street music.” 2013 learns to be a exciting year for Former Champions as they release their second album, Special Fx Machine, and continue hitting the road with a heavy tour schedule including appearances at several festival across the country. Former Champions have shared the stage with Lotus, The New Deal, Conspirator, EOTO, Perpetual Groove, Papadosio, Dopapod, and many others. Keep your eyes out for Former Champions, as they put the pedal to the metal with the destination of Front Porch Fest on the horizon.    





After Jack

After Jack may be a “new band with an old soul”, but they have already achieved a great deal since their debut late last year at Front Porch Fest 2011. Mary Allison, Rachel Blankenship-Tucker and Emily Rose Blankenship-Tucker met while working as professional actor/musicians. Inspired by bluegrass, rock, gospel, blues, folk, country and everything in between, this Virginia based lady trio joined forces to create a sound driven by tight harmonies, eclectic musicianship and a certain je ne sais quoi, leading to a fusion of genres that provides a fresh take on the multifaceted music of the mountains. We are excited to have our three favorite ladies back on the porch for 2012! 


Galaxy Dynamite

Is it just three of them? That is the question you will be asking yourself when you are watching in amazement, but after you hear the mighty sound from their instruments you’ll understand. Hailing from Norfolk, Va., their music itself is metronomic-ally tight, highly danceable and at time highly explosive, erupting into hyper shake-your-body-gasm glory. Blending trance, rock and psychedelic sounds, this three piece instrumental band has succeeded in creating dance music with a very laid back feel to it. Be prepared to dance until the very early morning hours when Galaxy Dynamite takes the stage for their return late-night performance.



[mp3t flow=”y” play=”Listen to” stop=”Stop” track=”galaxydynamite.mp3″]


The Deluge


The Deluge is a whirling dervish of a band that possesses a kinetic energy in their live show that will leave audiences swooning long afterwards. Blending Americana, Soul, Jazz, Funk and Rock, the Deluge’s unique sound captures the essences of many musical styles. Their debut record Cryin’ on the Vine features the award winning tune, “Strange World’…which won best R&B song of 2010 from the international John Lennon Songwriting Contest. Their second release Elephant Graveyard features the talents of Kofi Burbridge (Tedeschi/Trucks Band) and showcases the group’s vast musical range. Formed in 2008, this vocally dynamic and musically diverse group features Brandon Knox on harmonica and vocals, Chris Lord on guitar, George Westberry on bass, Daniel Serriff on guitar and vocals and Jeremy Merritt on drums. The Deluge has shared the stage with many of the top artists in music over the past decade, including Sam Bush, Kofi and Otiel Burbridge, Artimus Pyle and the Carter Brothers. Please welcome The Deluge to our stage for what promises to be an unforgettable performance.


The Heritage 

The Heritage is a funk/roots band out of Winston-Salem, NC, known for its rockin’ live shows, fun-loving stage presence, and down-to-earth vibe. While the band has been likened to a fusion between artists such as Galactic, Blues Traveler, and Ray Lamontagne, it is constantly evolving soulful, groove-based sounds all its own. Whether the Heritage is getting down with one of frontman Andrew Lazare’s originals or putting a unique spin on one of many great covers, for the audience the party never stops. Winning the Clubhouse/Ziggy’s Bands of the Bands in Greensboro, NC, this past February has established the Heritage as one of the Triad’s hottest new live acts. Since its inception in the summer of 2011, the band has frequented the Piedmont’s notable venues and enjoyed a Wednesday-night residency at Ten O One Live in Winston-Salem. The coming months are looking bright and busy as the Heritage prepares to head into the studio in late March to record its first album. Please welcome The Heritage to the Porch!


Mad Iguanas

Hailing from the hill tops of Salem, Virginia comes one of the valleys biggest melting pots. With strong influences from the grateful dead, widespread panic and other rock/jam bands comes a blend of originals that sure to please the ear of almost any lucky attendee. These guys keep it fresh, with guest appearances at almost every show, bringing in some of the valleys top musicians to stand along side them. The only thing they ask… don’t feed the iguanas!! We promise not to feed the Iguanas but to rock at with as they take the stage at Front Porch Fest!



Green Grass Rollers 

This Virginia based trio is a sonic collision 15 years in the making and worth every second of the experience. Laying down thick and chunky, infectious rock’n’roll grooves with a southern accent and a good story to tell. All spun by three close friends with a personal, professional musical heritage that spans three decades! GGR is most at home in a live setting. They have shared the stage with major acts like Government Mule and Cravin Melon, performing at festivals and notable venues from Spartanburg, SC to Richmond, VA. The Green Grass Rollers are a 100% satisfaction guarantee and have been requested to return to every venue they have ever performed. GGR’s own music is dubbed “Thrash-Grass” because of their southern fried – funkified sound. It has a touch of the Bluegrass style but is done with fiery-cranked-up electric guitars, bluesy harmonica, thumping-solid-driving electric bass and colossal sounding drums! An A & R rep may call it Country-Rock. They have a driving-southern sound that’s totally their own and it’s straight from the heart. They are witty and thoughtful musicians/songwriters who can adapt to whatever stage environment they’re in. Their performance speaks for itself and is tasteful, funny, intimate and unforgettable. Catch this magic in person at Front Porch Fest and you’ll understand why there’s a buzz about these boys!



Slick JR & The Reactors

Slick JR. & The Reactors are a new band with a long history. Four of them are former members of the roots jam band Joe Washrag and have been playing together for 20 years. After Joe Washrag disbanded, Eric Riddle, Kevin Plaster, Tom Turner and Leland George Jr. kept making music with the addition of Will Tillery (Hotel DeVille) and Chris Owens (Celthix, Only on Sunday and Ombrew) as The Stone Saints. Taking a slight detour from that project Slick JR. & The Reactors decided not to pigeon-hole themselves into a certain genre, but also freely explore the world of electric blues. The members all bring different influences that come together to form an originality that shows in their songwriting and cover arrangements as well as free-form jams, which they all love to get involved with. Please help us welcome these musical all-stars back to the porch!!!



Great Big House

Great Big House is a funk/classic rock/jam band based out Philadelphia PA. GBH performs both a wide variety of covers and eclectic originals depending on the need or type of venue. The band is accustomed to playing both large and small rooms. GBH is comprised of a groove driven rhythm section and a small, versatile horn section. The band has been together since 2002 after meeting at Millersville University and have been performing in the Central PA area since 2002. In the summer of 2008 the band expanded their fan base to the upper bay area part of Maryland and have developed a large following in Philadelphia by securing some of the top venues  such as PANICO’S,RP MCMURPHY’S, SEAMUS MULLIGAN’S, THE GRAPE ROOM and more. We are so excited to have the city of brotherly love represented at our fest full of love. Please help us welcome GBH back to the porch!



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Tobacco Apache

Tobacco Apache is a roots/rock band based out of historic Roanoke, Va. fronted by the skilled guitar playing and song writing of Sam Fochtman, Tobacco Apache blends southern rock, americana, and progressive rock into an original sound that is sure to get you up and dancing. The rock steady rhythm section made up of bassist Josh Lynch and drummer Mason Jennelle is further enhanced by the energetic work on keys by Paul Tressel. Together, Tobacco Apache has performed up and down the east coast and has built a reputation for being a band that you will remember and want to see again.Since forming in 2010, in addition to hundreds of solo bills they have opened for The Dirty Guv’nahs, Dangermuffin, Cabinet, Mountain Heart, Folk Soul Revival, The Mumbles, Adam Ezra Group, & Ten Toes Up. Tobacco Apache has quickly become a force to be reckoned with in the regional rock music community. With a new album currently in the final stages of production, festival dates all over the east coast, and ever-growing fan base, Tobacco Apache should be at the top of your must see band list this Summer.


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Funk Punch

Hailing from Southwest Virginia and currently residing outside Roanoke at Goose Harbor, Funk Punch is a 4 piece instrumentation melding guitar, bass, synth, organic, and electronic drums with a few electro-surprises as well. Thriving off of the live performance with intimate crowds, Funk Punch plays a mix of covers and original music often combining the two into live mash-ups and original sets. Their musical influences stem from various genres like the classic psychedelic styles of bands such as Jethro Tull and Pink Floyd, to the infectious drive of The Talking Heads. Then, after stirring in a wide selection of hip hop and electronic music with many modern improv/jam acts of today, they create their own brand of Front Porch Jamtronica. This ferocious four includes; Chris “Chili” Eanes, Robby “Rubbs” Carden, Thomas “TJ” Young, and Robert “Slim” Prescott. Together, they’ve been playing shows since January 2011 but these guys have known each other for over 10 years.  Funk Punch is a caring bunch and love to help others with the power of music. They have played for such charities and causes like Virginia Autism Speaks, Josh McCoy Scholarship, Summit for Someone, and Feeding America Southwest Virginia. Also, they have shared the stage with great musicians like DJ Williams Projekt, Rubblebucket, Pimps of Joytime, Dangermuffin and Silo Effect.  So now you know…..It’s time to get the funk down at FpF 2013!


Groova Scape brings a fresh, powerful vibe to their bluesy shows, which are always packed with fun and surprises. World-class vocalist Brittany Sparks and veteran guitarist Henry Lazenby front this four-piece known for its startlingly good original tunes and the ability to rev up covers of everything from Sound Tribe/Sector 9 to the Beatles and Howlin’ Wolf. Groova Scape has a super solid foundation provided by the spot on and exhilarating drumming of Cody Kessling and tight funky bass grooves provided by Jay Tuggle. The products of that experience are blues/rock arrangements that conjure up all sorts of jazzy, funky surprises. Groova simply knows how to find the righteous groove every single night, and they’ll do it without assaulting your ears or insulting your intelligence. Prepared to get your groove on when Groova Scape hits the stage for their second appearance at the Porch.


Tyler Nail


Born and raised in North Carolina Tyler Nail has been making music since the age of 16.  Since then he has been traveling around the state playing music and recording solo albums.  The work accomplished over this past year has taken Tyler’s music to a significantly new place. Having just released his fifth album, Winter to Winter in which for the first time Tyler recorded a studio album with a instrumental accompaniment, and it is the first of his albums to be professionally printed and packaged. But most of all, the overall process of making this album is what really sets it apart from his old albums. “I’m used to getting in a studio, and singing some songs and playing by myself, as fast and simple as possible. This album called for a little more time, and a lot more creativity. And in the end, I think it made for something to be proud of.” Tyler credits a wide range of influences from Ray Lamontagne to The Avett Brothers and is currently in the process of working on a tribute album featuring many local North Carolina musicians in honor of the late great Levon Helm. Tyler Nail is a true represent of grass roots music and we are so please to have him for his second appearance at Front Porch fest.



Hotel Deville

Ladies and gentlemen The Grateful Dead! For almost 30 years The Grateful Dead constantly toured throughout, playing more than 2300 concerts. They promoted a sense of community among their fans, who became known as deadheads, many of whom followed their tours for months or years on end. In their early career, the band also dedicated their time and talents to their community, the Haight-Ashbury area of San Francisco, making available free food, lodging, music and health care to all comers; they were the “first among equals in giving unselfishly of themselves to hippie culture, performing ‘more free concerts than any band in the history of music’. Following Jerry Garcia’s death in August 1995, the remaining members formally decided to disband, but the spirit of The Dead lives on all over the world. With thousands of Dead tribute bands taking the stage every night including greats like Dark Star Orchestra we are constantly reminded of the wonderful music that once was. We are so pleased to have Southwest Virginia own representation in the the Dead at FpF 2013. Please welcome back Hotel DeVille for their second time to the Porch!


Welcome to Hoonah

Welcome To Hoonah is a fusion of folk-americana, swing and Bakersfield country music, with definitive Appalachian flavor and a touch of urban verve. Garnering critical acclaim such as “…excitingly original… I’m really anxious for them to build up a dedicated following and live music fan base!”Brad Savage 106.1 WCNR The Corner Charlottesville, VA as well as“When you get to see or hear Welcome to Hoonah, which I strongly recommend, you’ll be able to tell just how deeply rooted they are in increasingly popular genre of Americana music. Last night, you could also tell that this wasn’t their first rodeo, with their fine mesh of musical talent and harmonies shared by Mckenna, Larsen, and Kittredge.”–Tim Pratt Founder of MING (music industry network group) Do not miss out on your chance to catch what everyone is talking about at Front Porch Fest!



Grass Monkey

Grass Monkey continues to venture into new realms of… whatever it is they think is exciting at the time. They’re beloved, and sometimes feared, for their absurd and engaging stage presence, somehow blending conversational tangents with dynamic originals ranging from hyperfast and crazy-danceable “Gonzo-Grass” onslaughts, to that chunky, folk-infused, good old-fashioned rock and roll, to straight hip hop, to music you could possibly get married and start making babies to, which is why our fans came up with our righteous motto “Love Happens At Grass Monkey Shows.” One of Roanoke’s most fun acts… The band injects its own brand of wildness into old-timey and bluegrass music… doing what may be best described as “punk-grass.” Grass Monkey obviously gets their roots from the bluegrass side of town, but they also kick it with the unexpected Beastie Boys influence too. It’s this whicka-what combo that turns you into their Grass Monkey junkie!”. It is that type style that has so excited to have Grass Monkey at the Porch for the 1st time!




Swamp Trash

Swamp Trash is an electric blues, rock, folk, funk, band based in Fredericksburg, Virginia who began performing in the Northern Virginia area in late 2011 and have been steadily growing their fan base and expanding a repertoire of original music and under-played covers ever since. We look forward to Swamp Trash coming to the porch for their 1st time!






Billsfault, a four piece band from Winston Salem NC, is making waves with audiences across the Triad. Since their debut performance in July of 2012 they have filled venues and thrilled audiences from Winston Salem to Raleigh and into Virginia. Billsfault brings their audience a new experience with each song. Bill Heath’s songwriting combines strong and meaningful lyrics with catchy melodic hooks. That said, each song is very different from the last, keeping the rock fresh for their entire performance. The unique instrumentation that is brought to bear on these original songs is just another component of their music that sets them apart from every other original rock music band making its way today. Wake Clinard builds melodic hooks and catchy musical phrasing on both the double neck steel guitar and the electric mandolin. Bill Porter’s bass lines are free to roam and capture your heart while still holding down the bottom while Will Baucom’s creative drumming completes the ensemble’s unique sound. They excitedly await the release of their debut CD in the Summer of 2013. A Billsfault show is a unique song listening experience not be missed..