Green Grass Rollers

green grass rollers
This Virginia based trio is a sonic collision 15 years in the making and worth every second of the experience. Laying down thick and chunky, infectious rock’n’roll grooves with a southern accent and a good story to tell. All spun by three close friends with a personal, professional musical heritage that spans three decades! GGR is most at home in a live setting. They have shared the stage with major acts like Government Mule and Cravin Melon, performing at festivals and notable venues from Spartanburg, SC to Richmond, VA. The Green Grass Rollers are a 100% satisfaction guarantee and have been requested to return to every venue they have ever performed. GGR’s own music is dubbed “Thrash-Grass” because of their southern fried – funkified sound. It has a touch of the Bluegrass style but is done with fiery-cranked-up electric guitars, bluesy harmonica, thumping-solid-driving electric bass and colossal sounding drums! An A & R rep may call it Country-Rock. They have a driving-southern sound that’s totally their own and it’s straight from the heart. They are witty and thoughtful musicians/songwriters who can adapt to whatever stage environment they’re in. Their performance speaks for itself and is tasteful, funny, intimate and unforgettable. Catch this magic in person at Front Porch Fest and you’ll understand why there’s a buzz about these boys!