Grass Monkeys

Grass Monkey
Grass Monkey continues to venture into new realms of… whatever it is they think is exciting at the time. They’re beloved, and sometimes feared, for their absurd and engaging stage presence, somehow blending conversational tangents with dynamic originals ranging from hyperfast and crazy-danceable “Gonzo-Grass” onslaughts, to that chunky, folk-infused, good old-fashioned rock and roll, to straight hip hop, to music you could possibly get married and start making babies to, which is why our fans came up with our righteous motto “Love Happens At Grass Monkey Shows.” One of Roanoke’s most fun acts… The band injects its own brand of wildness into old-timey and bluegrass music… doing what may be best described as “punk-grass.” Grass Monkey obviously gets their roots from the bluegrass side of town, but they also kick it with the unexpected Beastie Boys influence too. It’s this whicka-what combo that turns you into their Grass Monkey junkie!”. It is that type style that has so excited to have Grass Monkey at the Porch for the 1st time!