Groova Scape

Groova Scape Band photo
Groova Scape brings a fresh, powerful vibe to their bluesy shows, which are always packed with fun and surprises. World-class vocalist Brittany Sparks and veteran guitarist Henry Lazenby front this four-piece known for its startlingly good original tunes and the ability to rev up covers of everything from Sound Tribe/Sector 9 to the Beatles and Howlin’ Wolf. Groova Scape has a super solid foundation provided by the spot on and exhilarating drumming of Cody Kessling and tight funky bass grooves provided by Jay Tuggle. The products of that experience are blues/rock arrangements that conjure up all sorts of jazzy, funky surprises. Groova simply knows how to find the righteous groove every single night, and they’ll do it without assaulting your ears or insulting your intelligence. Prepared to get your groove on when Groova Scape hits the stage for their second appearance at the Porch.