billsfault 2
Billsfault, a four piece band from Winston Salem NC, is making waves with audiences across the Triad. Since their debut performance in July of 2012 they have filled venues and thrilled audiences from Winston Salem to Raleigh and into Virginia. Billsfault brings their audience a new experience with each song. Bill Heath’s songwriting combines strong and meaningful lyrics with catchy melodic hooks. That said, each song is very different from the last, keeping the rock fresh for their entire performance. The unique instrumentation that is brought to bear on these original songs is just another component of their music that sets them apart from every other original rock music band making its way today. Wake Clinard builds melodic hooks and catchy musical phrasing on both the double neck steel guitar and the electric mandolin. Bill Porter’s bass lines are free to roam and capture your heart while still holding down the bottom while Will Baucom’s creative drumming completes the ensemble’s unique sound. They excitedly await the release of their debut CD in the Summer of 2013. A Billsfault show is a unique song listening experience not be missed..